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Haven't gotten my procedure done yet, but the consult was great very informative and professional. Can't wait to get ...

Cari W.  12.24.2016
Google + 5 Star Review

Great experience! I found them on Groupon.
D.B. 12.20.2016
Google + 5 Star Review

Highly recommend Dr.404 if your looking for BBL. Love his work, and his staff. So happy with my results!

A. Smith
Dec. 16, 2016 5 Star Yelp Review                 

I've been a client of this location for two years now. My mother, step-mother and sister became client a year later after my recommendation and seeing my results and success. We've all been happy with the services and prices at 4 Ever Young, and gotten the GROUPON more than once. I'm glad they had an introductory price to get me in the door because I've been able to take advantage of the other wellness procedures. I'm so pleased with the way my body looks aesthetically and Dr. Lavenhouse has been a great advisor regarding ways to achieve the look I want. As a result my confidence is back and I'm happier than I've ever been. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this facility for the treatments and services they offer. Just make sure you educate yourself BEFORE the consultation and ask as many questions as necessary to be comfortable and informed. I believe those who have written bad reviews had unrealistic expectations as many do with aesthetic procedures--they aren't being realistic regarding what's possible, safe, and healthy.

R. Harris 
Dec. 15,2016 Yelp 5 Star Review                 

Dr. Lavenhouse was tremendous and took great pains in making sure the job was done well. I was very impressed with this doctor, who unlike so many others rush through procedures, but he spent as much time as needed to explain everything needed and on the procedure/s!

December 8, 2016  Health Choices 5 Star Review                

They are the dream team and work exceptionally well with each other! You can tell their office communicates with each other effectively and thoroughly! Expect amazing results and pristine workmanship and facility! Often dr visits can be intimidating, awkward/uncomfortable. Dr Lavenhouse goes the extra mile with his bedside mannerism both pre and post op. He takes time, addresses your concerns, he's great at what he does! Ashantee is so wonderful! She is like a little mom and worked hard making sure I was comfortable. Although the staff is very professional, they offer a personal touch you won't find at most establishments. From the reception desk to the operating room they are top of the line, A+! I could not have asked for a more pleasant experience!

Ava J.
Dec.1 2016 5 Star Google+              

Thank you for an awesome experience. Dr. Lavenhouse Has exceeded my expectations. Initially I knew I wanted Lipo but I was very nervous because it was my first time having any type of cosmetic procedure done. I had a consultation with another popular doctor in the area and I left that appointment feeling very unsettled. Upon my first meeting with Dr. Lavenhouse he assured me that everything would be fine. His knowledge and expertise made me feel very comfortable and put my mind at ease. The procedure went great. I had no complications and my results are everything I could have ever hoped for and much more. Dr. Lavenhouse is a perfectionist and takes pride in his work. He made sure that he gave me everything I wanted and even fixed areas I didn't know needed attention. I can't thank him enough! I would give him 10 stars if I could.

Yolanda D.
11.22.2106 5 Star Google +                 

There are doctors and then there are artists who are doctors. Dr. Lavenhouse is an artist. He is not only highly skilled in his practice, but his abilities are heightened by his God-given talent in the art of body imaging and sculpting. The 4EVer Young staff is not only knowledgeable, but extremely respectful and down to earth. I highly recommend 4Ever Young for your beauty enhancement needs.

M. Sanders 
Google + Oct. 21. 2016

4Ever Young Yelp Reveiw

7.12.2016 5 Star Yelp Review

I purchased a Groupon for laser hair removal and have been to four appointments. The service is absolutely the best. The staff are always friendly and professional. I was so surprised on my second visit they remembered my name. I am also so pleased with the results after four visits I see a 75% reduction. I plan getting more services from 4ever young.

Caprice B. 
7.8.16   5 Star Yelp Review                 

I just wanted to say thanks to everyone at 4Ever Young. In December I met with the doctor there to start a weightloss program (hCG) I weighed in at 224.5lbs. My top weight ever. 6 months later I am now at 167.5 and maintaining. fitting into a size 10 dress (I was 18/20) ready for my daughter's wedding! *

The Staff encouraged me daily via email since I live in NC. helped me with diet during and after the hCG. I was not 100% sure I could do it at first but I did and these people are a huge reason why! thank you all so much!

July 1, 2016
M. Glass 
5 Star FaceBook Review 7.1.16                 

I was very well taken care of. Outstanding procedure done by Dr and staff very caring and compassionate!

Anonymous Survey Response

Surgery Patient 
Survey Response 7.1.2016

The doctor and staff are excellent. They just want to make you beautiful. They really care about you.

Surgery Patient
Survey Response 7.1.2016

Medical Grade Chemical Peel

Lucy was amazing! She was kind, caring, fun, and very informative. Dr. Lavenhouse was very patient and informative as well. My overall experience was fantastic! I have my next appointment Wednesday at 2pm.

C. Stanley

Laser Hair Removal

Great service and facility!!

Regina L. 

Laser Hair Removal

Lucy and Laura are awesome technicians!!

Fatma J.

Liposuction & ThermiTight under Tumescent Anesthesia

I just would like to say thank you to everyone for my wonderful experience with 4Ever Young. I must admit that I was a nervous wreck from the beginning until I went in for the surgery. Laura was awesome with responding to all of my emails about every single question and concern that I had. Thank you so much. My surgeon was very patient with me, being that I don’t like needles and I can only tolerate a certain amount of pain. After going to sleep with surgery, I don’t know what happened in between but I do thank you for everyone keeping me comfortable. When I did wake up, surgery was still going on, and I was still comfortable. I just want to say thank you for being patient with me, and thank you for helping me to become more confident and happy with myself again.


“REVIVE”@ 4Ever Young IV Hydration Clinic

The best! And Laura too????

Akilah B.

“REVIVE”@ 4Ever Young IV Hydration Clinic

4Ever Young has me feeling forever and young! Can’t wait to have this experience again. Laura was the best!

N. Cooke 

Transaxillary Breast Augmemtation

Thank you so much for your excellent care of our daughter and great communication with us. She looks and feels good tonight. Ready to move on with life.

Lisa S. 

FTM Top Surgery

The staff at 4Ever Young is very kind and welcoming. The surgeon really knows his stuff! He’s also a very kind and genuinely caring doctor. I couldn’t be more pleased with my results, not only is my chest flat and free of all breast tissue but my nipples still look very naturally placed too! He really knows what he’s doing when it comes to nipple placement and the sutures left little to no scars which is awesome! He and his staff really care about their patients and they genuinely care about me and my happiness with my results. His post-operative care is great, he was always there for me 24/7 with any questions and concerns that I had. The whole healing process went smoothly and as comfortably as possible with the given circumstances. I feel like I healed really well; my range of motion and ability to exercise is just as it was before. I’m stoked to continue on with my life with a newly shaped chest and am forever grateful that 4Ever Young freed me from my upper body dysphoria.

2.3.2016 4Ever Young Gent            

I LOVE how quick, painless and not-so-messy laser hair removal is at 4 Ever Young! Not to mention, it’s cheaper! I used to get laser hair removal (pretty much my whole body) at American Laser Center in Buckhead for a few years (2005-2009). I loved the end results but the old technology was messy, it hurt and it took forever! I also paid close to $5,000! At 4 Ever Young I am in and out, with no gel to clean off. I love that they have the latest technology. BTW, although laser hair removal works, I still needed to touch up some areas after 5 years.

Other services I had done this past year at 4 Ever Young:
Botox twice – ADDICTIVE!
Chemical peels (6-series) – Could definitely tell the difference in my skin.

The Doctor also did my varicose veins in my legs. I’m very happy with the results! I previously went to Vein Clinics of America and had a consultation and mapping of my legs. I took my records to 4 Ever Young and the Doctor treated my varicose veins and then used the laser to get rid of the spider veins, over a series of a few months. I later went back to the Vein Clinics of America to get another mapping of my legs, thinking I needed to take care of the deeper veins that you don’t see. I was told that there were NO signs of any large veins anymore! That was music to my ears because I didn’t have to spend a few thousand dollars! At 4 Ever Young, they took care of the problem way cheaper than I would have paid at the Clinic!

Overall my experience at 4 Ever Young has been great and fun!! I recommend 4 Ever Young, as I have already referred many of my friends, who also continue to go back for more services.

Annette T. 
Yelp 5 Star 1.6.2016

I was not a patient of 4Ever Young Aesthetics & Wellness, but my son was. I was with him during his procedure and all of his post-op appointments. The staff and doctor was very kind to me every step of the process by answering all of my questions, since I would be taking care of my son for the first few weeks of his recovery. If we had questions or concerns when we returned home all we had to do was call or send an email for a quick response. I highly recommend 4Ever Young Aesthetics & Wellness in Atlanta, Ga.

Libby P. Yelp 5 Star Review

THERMIva Vaginal Rejuvenation

I’m in LOVE with THERMIva!!!!!!

I saw an episode on “The Doctors” show about THERMIva so I decided to check it out!… As a woman and a mother, just turning 35, I realized that there are things that I would like to tighten up, smooth out or even lift but without surgery or significant downtime.

Two of the biggest things for me where #1: There is no discomfort with the procedure and #2: No downtime!…

It’s just a wand with a little metal tip at the end that heats up and the NP-Jade gently massages the outside and the inside of the area… 30min later and OMG! I have a brand new “Cookie”! I’m up on the table and I swear it looked and felt completely different, (it looks like I’m 21 years old again down there)!

I was immediately aroused and could not wait to get home and try it out with my man. I was calling him and putting my clothes on at the same time!!!… Sex feels amazing for me and he can’t keep his hands off me! I get text though the day telling me he can’t wait to have some more “cookie” when we get off work!!

Over the next couple of days it got even tighter and even more youthful looking!!
This is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made!!

Thank you THERMIva & thank you everyone at 4EverYoung!!!!


My first interaction with 4Ever Young came when I was looking for LHR. I found a Groupon and decided to give it a go. During my consultation the doctor was extremely nice and took the time to make sure any questions I had were answered. My LHR was great so I decided to purchase another area. Now I’m looking to purchase more services because I have been more than pleased with the staff and their knowledge and concern about my well-being. Additionally I recommended them to a friend who is out of state looking for a reputable surgeon for a tummy tuck. The doctor was more than willing to speak with my friend after images were sent showing his trouble areas. My friend was so impressed with the doctor and how friendly he was and congratulatory to my friend after his significant weight loss. The doctor really took the time to explain the areas that a lot of men have trouble losing excess weight at. His knowledge and friendliness made my friend decide to come to this practice over a local surgeon he used previously!

J.L. Yelp 5 Star Review 10.29.2015

I just moved to Georgia and have had laser hair removal done before and wanted to continue. I chose 4 Ever Young due to their ratings, convenient location, and excellent prices. I must say, the laser they use is absolutely amazing and gives great results in a short period of time with minimal pain in comparison to my last experience in another state. Because of this, I am paying to add an additional area. Love, love, love and highly recommend 4 Ever Young especially if its your first time having laser hair removal.

Karan F. Yelp 5 Star Review 10.15.2015

I purchased a Groupon for laser hair removal and wasn’t sure what to expect. I have received awesome service and have had no trouble booking appointments. The technician gets me in and out and always makes sure that she books my next appointment. I even receive emails letting me know a few days before my actual appointment. So far the laser has been painless and I am enjoying the results. I personally love the location and have had at least 6 treatments. I plan on purchasing more treatments and other services offered.

Kris S. 10.22.2015 
Yelp 5 Star Review

I was a little apprehensive to do anything to my face, but after meeting the Doctor and his staff and how professional they are! The Doctor took his time answering all my questions!.. At 35 I figure I better get a head start on my wrinkles! Lol.. I got Botox & Juvedurm fillers to even out my smile lines. I LOVE IT!!

I just started laser hair removal on my legs, I super excited!!

I’ll be back to get a consult for a Boob job!

I highly recommend 4Ever Young!!

K.C. Yelp 5 Star Review 10.10.2015

FTM TOP Surgery

I cannot stress enough how happy I am that I chose 4Ever Young Aesthetics & Wellness in Atlanta, Ga with my 50lb weight loss journey, which they were with me every step of the way and then later on with my surgery.The staff is absolutely amazing at making you feel comfortable and answering all your questions and concerns right away. You can tell they love what they do. I highly recommend them!

 G. Pelz Yelp 5 Star Review 4Ever Young Gent 9.19.2015


“I came to 4Ever Young Aesthetics for Tumescent Lipo and was very impressed. My girlfriend recently had Lipo of the flanks and thighs and shared with me that it was the most painful thing she had experience thus far in her 42 years of life. I shared her story with the surgeon and his assistant.. They assured me that my experience would definitely not be similar to her experience.

“I came to 4Ever Young Aesthetics for Tumescent Lipo and was very impressed. My girlfriend recently had Lipo of the flanks and thighs and shared with me that it was the most painful thing she had experience thus far in her 42 years of life. I shared her story with the surgeon and his assistant.. They assured me that my experience would definitely not be similar to her experience.

The environment was very relaxing, I felt extremely safe and well taken care of and the procedure was virtually painless.

I certainly will be going back to 4Ever Young Aesthetics for any future procedures I decide to have. The surgical assistant, Laura was very knowledgeable about the procedure I was having and answered all of my questions and eased any of my concerns. She was also very friendly and kind.

The surgeon was very detailed in explaining to me the different types of lipo and the pros and cons of each, along with recommending which would be best for the end goal I was trying to achieve. He was also gentle, he asked me if I was comfortable and Ok throughout the procedure and he is very easy on the eyes.

I would definitely recommend 4Ever Young Aesthetics to anyone who is interested in having any types of cosmetic surgical procedures.”

Trina A. 4Ever Young Lady 5.5.2015                 

1st T.U.L.U.A. Tummy Tuck Performed in Georgia!

I have nothing but positive remarks to say about my surgeon and his wonderful staff. I am 6 months out from being the first patient in Georgia to have the TUlUA Tummy Tuck procedure. I exercise regularly and keep fairly fit and healthy. Being in my mid 40’s and having two children and gaining over 25 pounds the only option to get the results I wanted was surgery. My surgeon listened to my concerns and offered this procedure that would give me the best results long term. During my consult he assured me that my muscles were pulled apart and that no amount of sit ups would get rid of my stomach bulge. My surgeon always takes the time to answer any questions my husband or I had. He never made me feel rushed with any appointments and I was able to contact the office staff immediately about any questions or concerns during my recovery.
My recovery was good but I was very sore the first week. I made sure I took the medication prescribed and wore my garment as instructed for 4-6 weeks. After the procedure I was able to go back to work within 2 weeks, although I was able to sit most of the time. I was able to drive and resume a normal routine in about 6 weeks. The results that I have are very natural looking. I still look like me, just 15 pounds lighter. The surgeon is a highly skilled practitioner and I appreciate his attention to detail I would recommend him to my closest friends and family.

L. Averrett 4Ever Young Lady

Combination Brazilian Thread and Butt Lift

I am an international client who has used 4Ever Young Aesthetics & Wellness for a number of procedures now and plan to continue due the excellent service and staff. I have had a combination Brazilian Thread and Butt Lift and I am really pleased with the result! It was done in 2 stages and the surgeon really listened to what I wanted to ensure the best result. I felt safe and well taken care of by the surgeon and his team Laura and Sarah. The clinic is friendly, professional, well equipped and flexible. I have also had Botox and laser hair removal and once again I was happy with the service and results. The clinic has a lot of cutting edge procedures and the prices are competitive so it’s worth me flying into atlanta for. I now plan to have the New T.U.L.U.A Tummy Tuck procedure and a chemical peel???? Thanks to Laura and Sarah for all their help and making me feel so welcome at 4Ever Young.

Amber M. (U.K.) 4Ever Young Lady

Red Carpet Botox® Party @ 4Ever Young

What a great experience! Best place for Botox® in a great environment. Looking forward to trying other services in the future. If your in Atlanta make sure you stop by and check them out!

Sarah O. 4Ever Young Lady 


I had been doing research for a while and really hated my forehead wrinkles. I purchased an Amazon deal at a very good deal. I was so nervous about getting botox especially because I did not personally know anyone that had had it done here. Laura, the office manager greeted me in the front room, which was very clean and tidy. Once I was in the room with the doctor and Laura. I was educated on any side effects and possible issues with getting botox done, but I was also comforted by the calm and collected doctor who answered all the questions I had for him. I was very alarmed when I began to profusely sweat and feel dizzy, which was either out of my own nerves or because I am very sensitive to meds. I was immediately given oxygen by the office manager and the doc. After a few mins of them giving me oxygen and me slightly tilted back on the chair, my dizziness and sweating seized. Two hours later while I was at home, I received a phone call from Laura, she stated “she was calling to check on me and to make sure I was still doing okay.” I was so amazed that she took the time to actually call and see how I was doing. It has been a month since I received the Botox®, and I am still very pleased with the results, which settled in after a few days of receiving the treatment. I definitely recommend 4Ever Young Aesthetics and Wellness to anyone and everyone! Now-a-days it’s very rare to find companies and people that really go the extra mile, like 4 Ever Young Aesthetics and Wellness on my first time getting botox.

J. Cook

Serial Lipoabdominoplasty (Liposuction-Tummy Tuck)

My confidence of exposing myself in front of my husband has increased a bunch. I’m no longer uncomfortable letting him touch my belly. I actually had a size 12 dress on yesterday opposed to the 16-18 I was wearing. It was a little tight around my bust and armpits but my hourglass curves looked great. The scale is reading 185 but I plan to lose another 20-30 lbs on my own.

I started exercising again walking and using my bottom stair as a stepper. The one positive thing about going back to work is the mile I walk from the employee parking lot to our time clock and back to my car at the end of the day.

I can’t thank you all enough for what you have done for me. I hold you all very dear in my heart.

Tina. J. 4Ever Young Lady

Physician Directed Weight Loss

First, I would like to thank everyone at 4Ever Young, especially my doctor and Laura. They have been available for me whenever I needed them! It has been an amazing and life changing experience. Not only do I feel 100 percent better about how I look but I also feel healthy!!! I have never found such an easy weight loss program with such drastic results. Thank you so much.

Velvie Z., RN


As an ex-military/combat veteran, cosmetic surgery isn’t something I had ever considered. About a year ago I began a strict diet and exercise program and have lost a little over seventy pounds. I felt great but just couldn’t seem to lose my “love handles” no matter how hard I dieted or exercised. During this transformation my wife had a Silhouette Lift performed at 4Ever Young Aesthetics & Wellness. The results were amazing and she raved about the professionalism of the Staff. After a few months I made up my mind and called and scheduled a consultation. It went great. At no point was I uncomfortable or embarrassed which was my biggest fear. During the consultation my Surgeon discussed my options and recommended that we liposuction my flanks and abdomen. I scheduled the surgery the Friday of Memorial Day Weekend. The surgery went exactly as it had been outlined to me during the consultation and I returned to work the following Tuesday. I am now two weeks post-op and the results are incredible. My waist is considerably smaller already! Thank you 4 Ever Young Atlanta for giving me my Summers Back. I will no longer dread taking my shirt off at the pool or the beach. I have only one regret – I didn’t have this done sooner!!!! I highly recommend anyone considering a cosmetic procedure to call 4Ever Young Aesthetics & Wellness. You won’t be disappointed.

Michael W. 4Ever Young Gent

Physician Directed Weight Loss

I just wanted to take the a moment to say “Thank You” I am ecstatic about the results of my 60 days on Phentermine. I am 35 years old and have always been self conscious about my belly fat. About 1 year ago I had liposuction on my trunk by a Dr. in Raleigh, NC and was very happy with my results. About 6 months later, In November, my doctor put me on Celexa and 30 days later doubled my dose. By February I had gained back the 15 pounds I was down post lipo with an additional 5 pounds. This time 90% of it was in my thighs and butt. Despite continuing with my healthy, fresh, low carb, and high protein diet and regular exercise I could not shake it. I was 158 lbs and miserable. March 11 I began taking Phentermine and 60 days later I weighed 137 lbs. I was pleasantly surprised to find that I had extra energy without feeling jittery or anxious. I feel amazing and am on my way to tight the body that I have always wanted.

THANK YOU 4EverYoung!

E. McConnel, RN

Laser Hair Removal

“This has got to be the best laser treatment in my life. I’ve tried all types of lasers with the cooling gel and fan to cool down the skin. Well unbeknownst to me, there is a laser that requires none of these products with any down time. 4Ever Young must advertise this laser treatment as the first pain free laser on the market or your money back. I felt no pain and was very shocked by it. Cannot wait for my next treatment.”


100% Tumescent Anesthesia-Liposuction Abdomen and Flanks

“I just wanted to take a second to say thank you to 4Ever Young Aesthetics & Wellness. You and your staff are truly a blessing. I am on day 2 post operation from the liposuction procedure of my abdomen. I currently have no post op pain. I have not needed any prescription or over the counter pain meds… I am truly shocked and greatly pleased. My doctor explained the procedure thoroughly and I really appreciate his patience. I have no complaints on day 2. I can actually see much of the results of the work on my body. I just remembered that I was actually singing along to the music provided during the procedure…… wow. I hope my voice didn’t scare the staff…..lol”

K. H 4Ever Young Gent

Silhouette Lift® Face

“As a woman in my fifties, I began to have concerns about the loss of elasticity of the skin in my mid and lower face. A Registered Nurse for over 30 years, I knew that I did not want to consider a surgical face lift that would require general anesthesia and could involve the risk for significant complications. Because I work fulltime, I was also concerned about the time that it would require to recover from a complex surgical procedure. The staff at 4Ever Young Atlanta introduced me to the Silhouette Lift, a minimally invasive procedure that could provide me with the natural results that I was looking for. At the consultation, my board certified surgeon took the time to make sure that I had all the information I needed to make an informed decision that was right for me. I scheduled my procedure for the following Friday

From the moment I stepped through the door, the staff was attentive, reassuring, and technically EXCELLENT. Once I arrived in the OR (where they had my favorite Pandora station playing!) I quickly realized that they were prepared to handle any complication, although I already knew that with the Silhouette Lift the chance for complications was minimal. My surgeon made certain that the local anesthetic he injected was effective prior to making the first incision and he made sure that I was comfortable throughout the entire procedure. He and his medical assistant Laura kept me entertained and informed during the one hour procedure and made sure that I understood the instructions for my aftercare.

The next morning, the first call that my daughter received was from my Surgeon, who “just checking in”!!! The day after the surgery, I experienced some swelling and tenderness at the surgical site, but only a minimal amount of pain that was easily controlled.

On Monday, only 3 days after the Silhouette lift, I returned to work using only my regular makeup to conceal the light bruising at my jawline.

It’s been a month since my Silhouette lift and I am thrilled with my results. The sagging in my face and jawline is gone! People tell me that I look “happy and relaxed”. Several of my girlfriends have asked me if I am using different makeup! Not on person has asked me if I’ve “had work done”!

That’s the beauty of the Silhouette Lift.

If you are considering Cosmetic Surgery or an Aesthetic Procedure, call the amazing staff at 4Ever Young Atlanta. It really is “All About You”.”

Director, Quality/Risk Management

Scotland Healthcare System

S. Williams, RN  4Ever Young Lady

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