• 10 FEB 16

    Am I too young to get Botox®

    “Am I too young for Botox®, Xeomin® or Dysport®?”

    As a provider of neuromodulators (Botox®, Xeomin® or Dysport®), in Atlanta, I often get asked by young ladies in their twenties if they are too young for Botox®, Xeomin® or Dysport® since they have no obvious facial wrinkles (rhytids). The question I will answer in this blog is, “Is there a certain age that is too young to begin neuromodulator treatments to either treat or delay the onset of wrinkles with Botox®, Xeomin® or Dysport®? Keep in mind that Botox®, Xeomin® or Dysport®, are not recommended for treatment of patients under the age of 18. The labeled uses are for moderate to severe wrinkles as well.
    • My response begins with defining the types of wrinkle people observe. When it comes to the use of Botox®, Xeomin® or Dysport®, wrinkles are defined as “static” or “dynamic”.

    Dynamic wrinkles are the wrinkles that are observed when the face moves as a result of contraction of the muscles below the skin in response to a signal from the brain. Contraction of these muscles are often involved in making facial expressions, for example raising the ones eyebrows, frowning and squinting. When these muscle relax the wrinkles are no longer noticeable if static wrinkles have not developed due to frequent facial expressions and aging of the skin over the muscles.

    Botox @ 4Ever Young Atlanta

    Dynamic wrinkles cause by contraction of the frontalles muscle, raising the eyebrows.

     Static wrinkles are the wrinkles that are observed when the muscles below the skin are in relaxed state and independent of facial expression. These wrinkles are more evident in aged skin or those who smoke.

    Static wrinkles that are deep and likely would only be softened by Botox®, Xeomin® or Dysport®

    The use of Botox®, Xeomin® or Dysport®, primarily impacts dynamic wrinkle by reducing or eliminating the muscles ability to respond to the nerve impulse which causes contraction of the muscle and the resulting wrinkling of the skin above it. Although static wrinkles are multifactorial, a key component of the development is recurrent contraction of the muscles below. So it makes sense that reducing the dynamic wrinkle with Botox®, Xeomin® or Dysport®, will “prevent” or at least delay the onset and depth of static wrinkles. So my response to the question is, if you want to delay deep static wrinkles, the use of Botox®, Xeomin® or Dysport®, prior to the onset of static wrinkles is the ounce of prevention. The proper use of sunscreen, smoking cessation or abstinence, proper hydration and early use of Botox®, Xeomin® or Dysport®, can only help delay the onset of static wrinklse which in most cases will be softened by the use of Botox®, Xeomin® or Dysport®, but not eliminated
    Ultimately, you know your face better than anyone. If you know or have been told that you frown, squint or wrinkle your forehead often, you are already conditioning the skin in these areas to wrinkle as your skin becomes thinner from the aging process. The use of Botox®, Xeomin® or Dysport®, early will help prevent or delay the deepening of wrinkles as the skin ages. If you wait until you have noticeable static wrinkle the race has already begun and you haven’t taken a step yet.
    In conclusion, Botox®, Xeomin® or Dysport®, are not recommended for use in patients younger than 18 but there is no other age group that is too young for the use of Botox®, Xeomin® or Dysport®. Examine your skin regularly and if you begin to notice static wrinkles developing an occasional Botox®, Xeomin® or Dysport®, will not hurt you and may help delay the progress and deepening of static wrinkles. I am not recommending regular use for minimal static wrinkles because the regular use of Botox®, Xeomin® or Dysport®, may cause a patient to respond less effectively (due to immunogenicity) as aging progresses and static wrinkles need to be treated more regularly.  Whenever you are ready to relax those fine lines and wrinkles, make sure you make an appointment for Atlanta’s Best Botox® treatment @4Ever Young Aesthetics & Wellness.  Where only your physician injects your Botox®!

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