Atlanta laser eyebrow hair removal above and below the brow is not only possible but safe and effective at 4Ever Young Aesthetics & Wellness.  So go ahead Atlanta, viagra approved throw away those painful tweezers!  Stop wasting countless hours every month waiting at your appointment to get your eyebrows done for them to grow back in a few days.  Atlanta laser eyebrow hair removal is a phone call away!  In just a few treatments, you could be rid of that annoying eyebrow stubble and have more time to enjoy looking beautiful. With our laser’s small and focused spot-size we are able to target the hair underneath the brow safely and effectively.  Check out our video of safe and effective Atlanta laser eyebrow hair removal below the brow performed by our physician. Atlanta Laser Eyebrow Hair Removal 

Do not be mislead Atlanta laser eyebrow hair removal is safe and effective, schedule a free consultation (with our board certified physician and laser safety officer) and see how we turn eyebrow maintenance into a thing of the past.  

Have you been told “We can not perform laser eyebrow hair removal below your eyebrow”, “It is too close to the eye”?  With most of the lasers being used for laser hair removal the hair is not too close to the eye, but the laser is too large to contact the skin in the small area above the orbital rim (eye socket).  

At 4Ever Young Aesthetics & Wellness, Atlanta laser eyebrow hair removal is performed with a laser device with a unique design that does not require contact with the skin at all.  It has a focused spot that can target individual eyebrow hair in a small area.  By simply, retracting the brow farther away front the orbit (eye socket) we are able to target each individual hair outside of the orbit, over bone and without direct proximity to the eye itself.    

The truth of the matter regarding Atlanta laser eyebrow hair removal is that, not every laser hair removal practice can perform the procedure below the brow.  That doesn’t mean that the procedure can not be performed safely and effectively.  It simply means that the laser that  particular practice uses for hair removal has a spot size too large to treat hair below the eyebrow.  ALL LASERS ARE NOT THE SAME!


Call us today to schedule a consultation & get the RESULTS you desire at 4Ever Young Aesthetics & Wellness in Midtown, Atlanta!


YOUR procedure performed by YOUR physician!

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