We are not a medspa. We are a medical practice specializing in aesthetic and wellness services. Our practice provides cosmetic surgery, find aesthetic medical procedures and evidence-based wellness services while practicing the highest standard of care in medicine to ensure your safety, this web satisfaction and privacy.

We see our patients by appointment only to ensure that no one will be kept waiting and to provide our undivided attention to each and every patient. We want our patients to have a clear appreciation, and understanding of their medical treatments, implications, and risks of our cosmetic procedures/treatments. Our physicians spend one-on-one time with every patient reviewing initial medical history, performing all necessary physical examinations and personally answering any questions or concerns our patients may have. Your physician provides detailed information for you to consent for all procedures and services performed at our facility. Your procedures performed by YOUR physician*. We put the physician back into aesthetic medical procedures and wellness services.

At 4EVER YOUNG, your doctor is always in!

We are proud to offer our minimally invasive procedures utilizing 100% tumescent anesthesia to our patients. Undoubtedly, procedures done under 100% tumescent anesthesia have a far better safety record than the same procedures utilizing general anesthesia and most would argue that it should be the standard of care. Stay awake for your procedure, and interact with your surgeon to obtain the best result. We are not in a rush, as your safety and satisfaction is our primary goal.

4EVER YOUNG Difference
Our liposuction procedures are performed utilizing microcannulas which are less traumatic, with less bruising and contribute to a more rapid recovery than larger traditional cannulas. Microcannulas allow for a gradual and less pronounced removal of fat which results in a more even contour. As a result our patients experience the desired result and return to normal activities with less down time.

Your physician is trained and certified in all aspects of your care from the procedures themselves, moderate-deep sedation (rarely necessary or utilized in our practice), complications of tumescent anesthesia, advanced airway management and advance cardiac life support. Our staff and office-based surgical suite are trained and equipped for unforeseen emergency situations. Your safety and satisfaction is our primary goal!

We are voluntarily going through the process to have our facility accredited by way of a third party survey to ensure that our practice meets the highest standard of care possible. Schedule a free consultation and take a tour of our facility. You will feel safe and at home at 4EVER YOUNG.

Meet us after work for a brief talk given by our physicians and guest speakers about our services. Experience physician directed weight loss with a group of your friends or coworkers. Encourage and support each other at workouts, weigh-ins as you usher in the new you and your healthy lifestyle changes. Advanced bookings for procedures and services at our events will qualify for special discounted rates on the day of service.

Our staff is knowledgeable, professional, and ready to provide you with our VIP service- without the candles!


Call us today to schedule a consultation & get the RESULTS you desire!

YOUR procedure performed by YOUR physician!*

*Laser hair removal not involving the face, microdermabrasions and medical peels not involving a strong acid may be performed by our skilled medical assistants under the direct supervision of our physician unless our physician is requested at the time of booking.

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