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    Anti-AgingOur stunning 9, dosage 000 sq ft facility is conveniently located in the heart of Midtown, troche Atlanta with easy access from interstates 75/85 and all surrounding communities. We have more than adequate parking and a private entrance if requested by our clients. Our facility hosts a dedicated laser room with numerous additional exam and treatment rooms. At 4EVER YOUNG you won’t need to worry about the additional costs of a hospital or ambulatory surgery center for your procedures. We have our own large office-based surgical suite for all of your minimally invasive procedures. Our entire medical staff is trained and certified in CPR as well as advanced life support (ACLS).Hormone Replacement Therapy

    We also have a magnificent Penthouse Level Suite which can be booked and catered for private events. Although we do not perform medical procedures if you are under the influence of alcohol, link we do encourage you to bring all your friends and take advantage of our discounted group rates. If you are looking to schedule an event at 4EVER YOUNG, we will be glad to build you a custom package to meet your needs.

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