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What is “REVIVE” @ 4EVER YOUNG Hydration Clinic Atlanta?

Hydration clinic Atlanta

What The Doctor Ordered!

REVIVE” @ 4EVER YOUNG hydration clinic Atlanta is a medical clinic staffed by our physicians.   At our clinic, patients can come and safely be treated for a number of ailments that stem from dehydration; jetlag, fatigue, vitamin deficiencies, poor nutrition, viral illness, hangover and even pregnancy with morning sickness.  You will receive a thorough history and physical exam performed by a physician.  This ensures that every patient at “REVIVE” @ 4EVER YOUNG hydration clinic Atlanta is  properly screened for contraindications to intravenous (IV) hydration and serious medical/surgical conditions that may require a higher level of care or more thorough work up.  At 4EVER YOUNG, the doctor is always in!     

Who will benefit from our hydration clinic Atlanta treatments?

HIGH PERFORMANCE ATHLETES hydration clinic AtlantaPushing ourselves to the limits can take a toll on our bodies and hinder us from getting back to peak performance.  In Atlanta, the number of competitive athletes and avid runners is ever increasing, along with the demands of our daily lives. Don’t let dehydration sideline you!  Get the hydration you need  at “REVIVE” @ 4EVER YOUNG hydration clinic Atlanta.  Want to pre-hydrate to avoid cramping or “hitting the wall?” Or just get back to your busy lifestyle and perform at your highest level sooner? With our intravenous hydration therapy you are in control!  For those times when simply drinking fluids is not enough to regain your competitive edge, a brief, relaxing stay at our Atlanta hydration clinic will have you feeling better in no time. We combine intravenous hydration with vitamins and antioxidants to help your body restore its natural balance of fluids and energy.  

COLD & FLU  Why suffer any longer than necessary? If you have ever been in the grips of severe cold and flu symptoms, most would agree that although “drink plenty of fluids “ may be what the doctor ordered, it is the last thing on your mind and extremely difficult to accomplish.  Our hydration clinic Atlanta  is conveniently located in midtown with extended hours and same day appointments.  Come feel the sensation as our intravenous fluids replenish the fluids that your body has lost due to illness. If you realize that you simply cannot keep up with trying to hydrate by mouth, let our board certified physicians order you a dose of “feel better faster.” We can administer the right dose of fluids and medications to have you back on your feet in no time. Call for an appointment at “REVIVE”@ 4EVER YOUNG hydration clinic Atlanta and be seen right away! hydration Atlanta


In today’s workforce, who can afford to lag behind the person in the next office as we strive to get to the next level in our professional lives?  Regain your energy levels and mental sharpness after a long flight or week of running between meetings.  Adequate hydration can help you feel more energetic and ready for the demands of the office faster.  Don’t let jetlag and fatigue keep you stuck in the bed trying to recover.  Spend a little time relaxing at “REVIVE”@4EVER  YOUNG hydration clinic Atlanta and regain your pre-flight energy levels, be energized for that presentation, play that round of golf or go out on the town with friends.  


At some point, most of us have been there and done that…..a few drinks too many in the middle of the week or on the weekend.  Feeling achy, nauseated, stomach cramps and overall like crap!  Dehydration is at the centerhydration Clinic Atlanta of it all!  You need your fluid and electrolyte balance restored in order to feel better and reclaim the remainder of the day or weekend.  Whether before an important exam, meeting, or during a weekend road trip with friends, we can get you back on your feet sooner.  At “REVIVE” @ 4EVER YOUNG hydration clinic Atlanta we will provide you with a safe and effective treatment to hasten your recovery. Groups are welcome!  

Are the treatments at “REVIVE” @ 4EVER YOUNG hydration clinic Atlanta for everyone?

No.  Intravenous hydration is not safe in all patients.  In most instances intravenous (IV) hydration is not medically necessary if you can drink fluids but instead we will provide it as a convenient service to expedite the hydration process and get you back to your busy lifestyle faster.  For that reason, care should be taken to do no harm and your safety is our number one concern!  Certain medical conditions (ie kidney disease and heart failure) place the patient at risk for fluid overload.   All of our patients receive a medical screening exam by our board certified physician to identify any contraindication to treatment, serious medical or surgical conditions that present with symptoms similar to cold, flu or dehydration.

Whatever your reason is for needing to hydrate, feel safe doing it at “REVIVE” @ 4EVER YOUNG hydration clinic Atlanta!  We are a medical facility and practice the standard of medical care for all our services.  You will be seen and examined by our board certified physicians prior to any treatment.  At which time you will be thoroughly screened for any contraindications to treatment,  serious medical conditions masquerading as dehydration, cold, flu or a hangover.    

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