Micro-needling at 4Ever Young Aesthetics & Wellness in Midtown, Atlanta!

How does micro-needling work?

Micro-needling works by first making multiple, microscopic punctures in the skin with a handheld, pen-like device. Multiple needles vertically penetrate the surface layers of the skin creating a minor injury. The minor injury created by the micro-needling pen causes your body to begin the wound healing process. During the wound healing process old collagen is broken up and new collagen is created which in turn makes your skin appear tighter and rejuvenated.

What can micro-needling treatments at 4Ever Young Aesthetics & Wellness improve?

Micro-needling can be performed to achieve the following: improve wrinkles; minimize pore size; induce skin tightening; stimulate collagen production which promotes rejuvenation; improve surgical, traumatic, burn and acne scars. Micro-needling may also improve stretch marks and hyperpigmentation (brown spots and melasma).

Micro-needling is also ideal for patients who do not want laser treatments but want more rejuvenation than what typical peels and microdermabrasion can offer.

Can anything be done to enhance my micro-needling results from 4Ever Young Aesthetics & Wellness?

Micro-needling with PRP can be performed immediately after some laser treatments. It can also be combined with microdermabrasion for an enhanced result.

While results are best when used with PRP, micro-needling can also be used without PRP for lighter rejuvenation and to increase absorption of active ingredients into skin.

How often should I have micro-needling treatments performed at4Ever Young Aesthetics & Wellness?

Treatments are usually performed monthly, although lighter (less deep) treatments may be performed more frequently. We recommend 2-3 treatments when micro-needling is used with PRP, 3-6 micro-needling treatments if used without PRP. Results will be enhanced with PRP however. More treatments may be necessary when treating scars and stretch marks.


Beautician performs a needle mesotherapy treatment on a woman's face

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