What is Latisse®?


Latisse is an eyelash enhancement product and is manufactured by Allergen, this the company that is also the manufacturer of Botox.  Latisse is the first and the only FDA-approved medication to treat people with the problem of hypotrichosis, advice a condition where people have far too few eyelashes.



How does it work?

Latisse® works by nourishing the eyelashes. Bimatoprost, vialis 40mg the active ingredient works to increase the number of eyelashes while simultaneously lengthening the growth phase of each lash. It also works to darken the lashes, producing the effect of mascara without the daily hassle of application, smearing, and removal.

How long before I see results?

Latisse works gradually to build eyelashes. Patients will begin to see an increase in the thickness and length of their lashes between 3 to 8 weeks with full results reported after 12-16 weeks of use.

If I apply it more than once a day, will I get faster results?

No, applying more than the doctor-recommended amount may result in adverse effects, so applying more than once a day is not recommended.

How do I maintain the results?

Regular application is necessary for maintenance. If you stop the daily application, your lashes will gradually return to their previous appearance.

Can I use it on my eyebrows?

Latisse is FDA approved for use on the upper eyelid only. At 4Ever Young Aesthetics & Wellness we do not recommend applying the solution only where instructed. Clinical studies have not been performed to test the effect Latisse® may have on your eyebrows.

Why is it by prescription only?

Just as with any other medication, this medication has the potential to interact with other medications (such as certain prescription eye drops) or cause adverse effects when a patient has certain eye conditions (such as certain cases of glaucoma). It is important to discuss any current medications or medical conditions with your Board Certified Physician at 4Ever Young Aesthetics & Wellness to ensure that it will be safe for your use.



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