Cellulite Treatment-Cellulaze

Cellulite treatment-Cellulaze is offered at 4Ever Young Aesthetics & Wellness in Midtown, Atlanta.  The first, one time cellulite reduction treatment that is approved by the FDA.  The only cellulite treatment-Cellulaze, that attacks the structural problems beneath the skin that cause cellulite while also thickening and adding elasticity to the skin.  Unlike laser lipolysis, which fails to treat the structural abnormality responsible for the orange-peel appearance of cellulite, “the bands”.  The cellulite treatment- Cellulaze breaks the bands and releases the overlying skin for a smoother appearance.  You will be amazed at the results!


Our cellulite treatment- Cellulaze ensures:

  •  Improved appearance of cellulite
  • Enhancement of the skin’s natural thickness
  • Increased collagen production to improve skin elasticity
  • Reduction of lumpy fat and dimpled skin



With just one easy cellulite treatment-Cellulaze can deliver long-lasting results for a smoother, healthier look.  Here are a few Frequently Asked Questions about Cellulaze that we often get asked at 4Ever Young Aesthetics & Wellness:


What is Cellulaze?


Our cellulite treatment- Cellulaze is the only minimally invasive laser procedure intended to attack the structure of cellulite below your skin. It provides longer-lasting results after only one short treatment.


How does the Cellulite Treatment-Cellulaze laser work?


A small cannula (tube about the size of the tip of a pencil) is inserted under the skin. Cynosure’s unique SideLaze laser fiber inside the tube delivers energy directly under the skin. This increases the quality and thickness of your skin, while simultaneously releasing the fibrous bands that pull it down—minimizing the orange peel look associated with cellulite. Finally, the cellulite laser is used to diminish the bumpy pockets of fat that protrude through the fibrous bands under your skin.


How do I know if Cellulaze is right for me?


Cellulaze provides best results for women who are not significantly overweight but have mild to moderate cellulite on their thighs.  Our consultation with our Board Certified Physician is the most reliable way to know if our cellulite treatment-Cellulaze is right for you.


How does Cellulaze compare to other treatments?


There are many treatments that claim to get rid of cellulite. But these other treatments (massage, creams and lotions, external energy devises) can only treat cellulite superficially by working at the skin’s surface. These treatments require either daily or weekly applications and results are often not that great.  Cellulaze is the first and only cellulite laser treatment that treats the actual issues underneath the skin to deliver a proven longer-lasting result from just one simple treatment.


What does the procedure feel like?


The area is numbed with local tumescent anesthesia so there is minimal discomfort during the procedure. You may feel a light pressure, but it is a mild sensation. Following a Cellulaze cellulite laser treatment, you may experience some aches, much like after a physical workout.


How long does the Cellulaze procedure take?


On average, this cellulite laser procedure will take about one to two hours. It all depends on the size of the areas to be treated.



How many treatments are necessary?


Results are achieved with just one cellulite treatment-Cellulaze . Your results will continue to improve over the next three to twelve months.


How long do the results last?


Clinical studies have shown results can last for one year or more. However, it is important to maintain an exercise regimen and healthy diet to continue to enjoy Cellulaze cellulite laser results.


Will there be scarring?


The incision sites will be very small. With proper care, any scars will be barely noticeable.


What’s the recovery time?


The Cellulaze cellulite laser treatment is a minimally invasive procedure which only requires local anesthesia. Some light bruising can occur, but you’ll be able to return to normal activities within a day or two. You may be asked to wear a compression garment for a short period after treatment.


Call us today to schedule a Cellulite Treatment-Cellulaze consultation & get the RESULTS you desire at 4Ever Young Aesthetics & Wellness in Midtown, Atlanta!


YOUR procedure performed by YOUR physician!


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