Silhouette Lift  in Atlanta at 4Ever Young Aesthetics & Wellness in Midtown


A complete facial rejuvenation not only requires skin treatments and volume restoration (accomplished with Dermal Fillers) to counteract the effects of aging and damage to the skin but also requires a lifting of the soft tissues of the face and/or neck. In the past, order the only way to accomplish any degree of soft tissue lifting was with a facelift operation. This remains the requirement for moderate to severe skin laxity. In Atlanta, those who only require a mild degree of lifting to restore the youthful appearance of the face accomplish this with the Silhouette Lift®.   While eliminating most risks associated with traditional face-lift techniques for moderate to severe skin laxity.


At 4Ever Young Aesthetics & Wellness our in office Silhouette Lift® can be performed in little over an hour with astonishing results. Our procedure utilizes an innovative suture that is inserted through a small incision in the scalp which is discretely hidden behind the hairline. The Silhouette Lift® suture is designed to anchor into the soft tissues of the skin which is passed through the facial tissues under local anesthetic and then suspended from a dense fibrous tissue at the incision site. It is the suspension of the suture which causes the desired lifting of the soft tissues as well as collagen formation resulting in a rejuvenated appearance.


The suture can not be felt through the skin but is accessible at the incision site for additional lifts in the future as the aging process catches up thus diminishing the need for a  surgical facelift. The Silhouette Lift® gives a long lasting result through a minimally invasive office procedure.


This procedure, for both men and women, can be used alone or as a complement to dermal fillers and other rejuvenating treatments. Our physicians are certified to perform the Silhouette Lift® procedure and can tell you if this procedure is right for you. If it is determined that you will not benefit from this procedure, we will not perform it.

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Call today for a consultation and see if the Silhouette Lift® is right for you!


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