“G-Spot” Enhancement in Atlanta at 4Ever Young Aesthetics & Wellness in Midtown, Atlanta

G-Spot Enhancement

What is a “G-spot” enhancement procedure?

“G-spot” enhancement in Atlanta is very intriguing to many women.  This procedure uses human collagen, or autologous fat to make the patient’s G-spot more pronounced. The filler is administered by our Board Cerftified Physician, using specialized techniques which results in greater and faster sexual responses INSTANTLY!

What is the goal of “G-Spot” enhancement?

The G-Spot enhancement creates more fullness to the G Spot. As a result, you can have a more intense and deeper orgasm. It also makes achieving an orgasm less difficulty. Most women find that with G spot enhancement, they are able to achieve deep vaginal orgasms, and become aware of the elusive G Spot!

What is the “G-Spot”?

The”G-Spot” is an area of the anterior (front) of the vagina, about 2 inches in. The vaginal
tissue in this area may be a little thicker and is more sensitive to the touch.

How do I find my “G-Spot”?

If you curl 2 fingers inside your vagina and press your vaginal tissue toward your skin, and with the other hand, press down on the skin just above your bone above, you will likely find an area of increased sensitivity. You may or may not become aroused by this but the goal is to locate the area of dense vaginal tissue that defines the G-Spot.

Is “G-Spot” enhancement safe?

G spot enhancement is a safe, quick, and an effective way to have more sexual satisfaction.

How long does the procedure take?

This procedure can be performed at lunch time!

What is the recovery period?

Do to the minimally invasive and non-surgical nature of the procedure, you can resume normal activities (including sexual activity) immediately.

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