How does ThermiTight work?

ThermiTight works by delivering radio frequency (RF) energy underneath the skin, recipe heating the structural tissue and causing contraction and tightening, sildenafil which improves laxity and sagging.

It has been scientifically proven that heating the deep dermis to 50 – 65 degrees Celsius will cause the skin to shrink.  ThermiAesthetics has  developed an accurate and predictable way to deliver this energy to the deepest layer of the skin without causing surface burns!

What areas of the body can be treated with ThermiTight?

Commonly treated areas include the lower face and neck, the breasts (combined with No-Scar Breast Reduction), the abdomen, the upper arms (“bat wings”) and more. The ThermiTight treatment is often combined with liposuction if excess fat is also a problem.

 This procedure is ideal for any patient who desires a tighter neck, tighter inner arm, less folds above the bra in front of the axilla, less abdominal or back folds, with cellulite, or inner thigh laxity, not severe enough to warrant a skin excision.  Patients who have an excessive amount of skin will still be better served with a facelift, tummy tuck, arm, thigh lift or other traditional procedure.

ThermiTight® accomplishes this skin tightening via a tiny probe, thinner than a ballpoint refill, which is inserted through a little stab wound, to target the deepest layers of the skin without damaging the surface – moving the probe around in an organized pattern until the internal temperature averages 50 – 65 degrees Celsius, and at the same time, keeping the external skin below 42 degrees Celsius to avoid external burns!

This treatment can be done in conjunction with a liposuction if an excess of fat is present, or as a solo procedure if excess fat is not an issue.  The ThermiTight® procedure does not produce as dramatic a result as a skin excision – but is a far more minor procedure and does not leave the patient with surgical scars.



How long does a ThermiTight treatment take?

The ThermiTight treatment typically takes less than one hour.

How soon will I see the results?

There is often immediate visible tightening, but maximal improvement can take three or four months.

Are there any potential side effects?

Because of the built-in safety features of the ThermiTight RF system, side effects are very unlikely. 

Who shouldn’t receive ThermiTight?

Although ThermiTight RF treatments can be used safely on nearly all patients, those with extremely loose skin or sagging of the deeper fascial layer may require surgery such as a face lift.


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