Vaginal tightening

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Thermi-va-vaginal tightening

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Why Do Ladies Get Thermi-va Treatments?

The wonders of pregnancy, childbirth and aging take a significant toll on the feminine anatomy, resulting in:

Difficulty reaching climax​

​Loosening of the birth canal resulting in unfulfilling sexual intercourse

Embarrassing leakage of urine when we cough, laugh, sneeze or activity

Drying of feminine tissues with aging resulting in painful intercourse

Unsightly labial laxity (cameltoe)

What Does Thermi-va Cause:

Clitoral Rejuvenation, Vaginal & Labial Tightening

Increased Vaginal Moisture, Decreased Urinary Incontinence​

How Does Thermi-va Makeover & Restore The Feminine Tissues?

The Science of heat!

Heat from Radiofrequency Energy causes shrinkage and stimulation of collagen

Shrinkage of collagen provides tightening

Collagen stimulation causes improved tightening of structures

Heat causes nerve stimulation resulting in clitoral rejuvenation and increased moisture

Tightening of the structures surrounding the urethra reduces or eliminates urine leakage

Vaginal tightening

THERMIva- "O" How You Deserve It!

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I’m in LOVE with THERMIva!!!!!!

I saw an episode on “The Doctors” show about THERMIva so I decided to check it out!… As a woman and a mother, just turning 35, I realized that there are things that I would like to tighten up, smooth out or even lift but without surgery or significant downtime.

Two of the biggest things for me where #1: There is no discomfort with the procedure and #2: No downtime!…

It’s just a wand with a little metal tip at the end that heats up and the NP-Jade gently massages the outside and the inside of the area… 30min later and OMG! I have a brand new “Cookie”! I’m up on the table and I swear it looked and felt completely different, (it looks like I’m 21 years old again down there)!

I was immediately aroused and could not wait to get home and try it out with my man. I was calling him and putting my clothes on at the same time!!!… Sex feels amazing for me and he can’t keep his hands off me! I get text though the day telling me he can’t wait to have some more “cookie” when we get off work!!

Over the next couple of days it got even tighter and even more youthful looking!!
This is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made!!

Thank you THERMIva & thank you everyone at 4EverYoung!!!!

4Ever Young Lady


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