• 29 SEP 15

    THERMIva Vaginal Rejuvenation

    It is well documented that childbirth and the natural aging process can have a negative impact on the female anatomy and sexual well-being. THERMIva® allows us to complete the below the waist mommy-makeover and restore your vaginal area to your pre-childbirth look and feel without surgery!  Until recently, vaginal tightening required tissue damaging lasers (discharged in the vagina) or surgery along with the significant discomfort and downtime from these treatments to achieve variable degrees of vaginal tightening.  Labial laxity required surgery and downtime as well.

    With THERMIva®, significant vaginal tightening can be restored in less than 45 minutes, be as gentle as hot stone massage without surgery or downtime.  Yes, sexual activity can even be resumed that very same day!  Noticeable shrinkage of labia majora and minora will be evident immediately after treatment and will continue over the next 30 days between treatments. The results become even more pronounced following all three (3) treatments spaced 1 month apart.  The majority of results last up to a year or longer before touch up treatments may be needed (results vary by individual).  Similar results have been documented with vaginal tightening with THERMIva® as the treatment protocols are the same.  Not to mention that THERMIva® treatments have been shown to stimulate the vaginal mucosa, that has previously atrophied (reduced) in postmenopausal women, to produce the natural vaginal lubricants that help make sexual activity pleasurable instead of dry, painful and avoidable!  Women who have leaked urine due to, mild or moderate stress incontinence (coughing, laughing or activity) report elimination or improvement in their symptoms after treatments with THERMIva®What a game changer!

    See What Women Are Saying After Treatment:


    Dr. Jennifer Berman- Urologist- Improved Urinary Incontinence After 1 THERMIva Treatment

    Ladies! Reverse the cosmetic and structural damages of childbirth and aging.  Get back to your youthful appearance and feel in your sensitive spot. Reduce the postmenopausal dryness and urinary incontinence. Treat yourself a below the waist mommy makeover. YOU DESERVE IT!

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