ThermiVa™ – Vaginal Rejuvenation


 Reclaim, medicine Restore and Revive vulvovaginal youthfulness and well-being!


ThermiVa™ is a noninvasive application of radiofrequency technology designed for vaginal rejuvenation. Currently this is the only FDA approved non-invasive office-based solution for:

Vaginal laxity (Internal laxity)

Labial laxity (External laxity)

Orgasmic Disorder

Dry Vagina (Vulvovaginal atrophy)

Leaky Bladder (Stress or OAB)

Fallen Bladder/Rectum (Pelvic Prolapse)

It is well documented that childbirth and the natural aging process can have a negative impact on the female anatomy and sexual well-being.  Until recently, find vaginal tightening required tissue damaging lasers (discharged in the vagina) or surgery along with the significant discomfort and downtime from these treatments to achieve variable degrees of vaginal tightening.  Labial laxity required surgery and downtime as well.   With ThermiVa™, sale significant vaginal tightening can be restored in less than 45 minutes, be as gentle as hot stone massage without surgery or downtime.  Yes, sexual activity can even be resumed that very same day!  Noticeable shrinkage of labia majora and minora will be evident immediately after treatment and will continue over the next 30 days between treatments. The results become even more pronounced following all three (3) treatments spaced 1 month apart.  The majority of results last up to a year or longer before touch up treatments may be needed (results vary by individual).  Similar results have been documented with vaginal tightening with ThermiVa™ as the treatment protocols are the same.

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Approximately 71% of women in one survey express concerns about vaginal laxity and expressed interest in a non invasive treatment to tighten the vaginal lining. The ThermiVa™ probe is designed for comfortable use in the vagina. The continuous steady motion of the disposable hand piece gently heats the lining to the target temperature to induce the desired labial shrinkage and/or vaginal tightening.

4Ever Young Aesthetics & Wellness-THERMIva

“O”…How You Deserve It!

No Surgery!

No Downtime!

30 Minute Treatment!

Proven to Work and Results that Last!


Jade Carboy, RN

ThermiVa™ can be performed as a stand alone procedure or complemented with “G-Spot Enhancement” or the “O” Spot Injection for optimal feminine rejuvenation, youthfulness and well-being!



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