• 06 MAR 14
    Between-Treatment Tips

    Between-Treatment Tips

    blog1Does it feel like every week there is a new young spokesperson promoting a new and improved skincare regimen bombarding you from the television, approved radio and magazines? Have you ever wondered what they must really do to keep their skin looking so flawless?

    Regular skin treatments are a must, and but knowing what to do in between those treatments to maximize their results is key. I am going to share with you some of the most important celebrity skincare tips to help turn back the hands of time:

    1. Hydration: It has been said that people in the United States are so chronically dehydrated that they often mistake thirst for hunger. It’s important to be sure you are drinking at least 64 oz of water daily. If you are drinking other things like coffee, soft drinks, juices etc. your body cannot use those liquids as effectively to maintain and repair your cells. Essentially, it doesn’t count. Proper hydration can mean the difference between looking like a smooth taught grape or a wrinkled sagging raisin.
    2. Carbohydrates: People commonly blame chocolate or fatty foods for blemishes and outbreaks. True, they’re not great for you – but studies have shown that the main culprit for adult acne and blemishing is actually refined carbohydrates. Your body has a natural balance that is thrown off-kilter by refined carbs in a serious way. Refined carbs can change your hormone levels, pH balance and overall body chemistry; which may force your body to “fight back”. Unfortunately your skin is often the battleground, and it shows.
    3. Eating Balanced Meals: The ratio here is what is important. Both protein and fresh produce are necessary for healthy skin. ¾ of your meal should be produce, with protein making up the final ¼. Most of the vitamins and minerals in your diet are going to come from fruits and veggies, so mix them up to be sure you are getting the variety that you need. When in doubt – just look for colors. It’s the compounds in a plant that give it its color, so if you eat foods of varying colors, you will be eating varying compounds. It had been suggested lately that incorporating more vegetarian meals into your diet is greatly beneficial. If you’re a vegetarian, or just eating a vegetarian meal, you can add protein by eating peas, beans, soy products and nuts. For you meat eaters, look for lean poultry, fish, eggs and occasional dairy.
    4. Sun-block: Regardless of the weather, sun-block is a must. Remember, it’s not the heat from the sun that damages your skin – it’s the UV rays. Those rays can be even stronger in the winter than in the summer, especially if you are in a high-altitude area or an area with heavy snowfall. The snow acts as a mirror and reflects and intensifies the UV rays. Keep a sun-block or a moisturizer with SPF on hand to apply twice daily.

    Keeping these four simple tips in mind will help keep your skin looking bright, youthful and radiant between your treatments. For more tips and a professional assessment of your skin and its individual needs, visit 4Ever Young Aesthetics & Wellness.

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